Service Spotlight: Nurse Case Management

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HR advice when you need it

The field of Human Resources (HR) is always growing and changing, especially in Washington state. HR also plays a big role in workplace safety and in helping employees back on the job after a workplace injury. Approach offers the HR Help Desk to all of its clients at no extra charge, supporting their efforts to be the best when it comes to workplace safety and claims management.

The initial HR consultation through the Help Desk is included with your Approach retro participation and is often all that’s needed.

The HR Help Desk is staffed by All Things HR. Their team of experts in Washington state is ready to assist Approach clients who don’t have a full-time HR person or HR professionals who’d like a second opinion on complex issues.

Access the HR Help Desk


Washington state HR advice

HR issues in Washington state can be incredibly complex because there are multiple state and federal regulations involved. For example, when an employee needs to take pregnancy or parental leave, there are at least five different laws and programs to consider:

Federal law

State laws

State programs

(Source: https://lni.wa.gov/workers-rights/leave/pregnancy-parental-leave)

These are probably in addition to your company’s own policies and procedures! How do you make sure your company is on the right side of the law, especially when a workers’ comp claim or other circumstances are involved? All Things HR was founded in 2006 to help employers stay in compliance “so you can stay focused on your business and your customers.”


Complimentary HR Help Desk service to clients of Approach Management Services' managed Retro Group.
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HR and workers’ comp claims

Many of our clients use the HR Help Desk when suggested by their Approach retro coordinator, so that we can get timely advice on specific HR issues related to a workers’ com

p claim. With our partnership now entering its ninth year, the experts at All Things HR have seen a lot when it comes to workers’ comp, allowing them to partner with us on developing strategies for the best possible outcomes.

The initial HR consultation through the Help Desk is included with your Approach retro participation and is often all that’s needed. However, All Things HR can also develop a customized plan or refer you to specialists if your situation requires additional support.


HR support for safety and compliance

Policies and procedures are another big way that the HR Help Desk can strengthen your business. Your company needs to document that safety procedures

have been followed, that violators are subject to a disciplinary policy, and that you know who is working on-site at any given time. All Things HR and Approach can provide form templates and other documentation to help you stay on top of these requirements.


Free HR Help Desk

The HR Help Desk is available to Approach clients online or by contacting your Approach Retro Coordinator. Download our infographic to share with your co-workers – and contact us today to begin putting HR best practices into place!