How Retro Works


PITB is an association who sponsors three state-approved retro groups administered by Approach Management Services. Members report worker hours in similar risk classes and must be approved to join the group.

Work Together

The retro group’s premium is pooled together to cover the cost of the claim losses.  Each member commits to robust safety practices and proactive claims management.  Members work closely with a professional workers’ compensation analyst to help injured workers get back-to-work and mitigate costs.

Earn Refunds

Each year the groups premium is compared to losses and if the premium exceeds the losses the group is eligible for a refund.  Since 1981, the Retro program has refunded billions of dollars back to participants.

PITB Retro Groups

PITB Transportation

This group is anchored by Washington’s most successful employers and includes the following industries:

Transportation, recycle, warehousing, facility maintenance and services.

PITB Select

This invitation-only group supports the following industries:

Distillation, chemicals, food processing and related services.

Are you Ready to Take the First Step?

The form below allows us to pull your loss history and premium information to determine if your company qualifies to join a PITB retro group. We will provide you with a three-year illustration of refund results you would have earned as a member. This process typically takes 7-10 days.

Have questions before completing the form?
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