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PITB awards The Frank Riordan Scholarships to 12 recipients in the amount of $5,000 each.


These scholarship awards not only recognize the academic achievements of the students, but also the integrity and commitment each recipient has consistently exhibited throughout their studies.

These Scholarships are open to all members of PITB and dependents of members.

PITB is a non-profit trade association helping companies build and maintain a safety-based culture.

PITB members are successful companies with a commitment to the highest standards of safety. 

Employers participating in PITB’s retro groups decrease injuries, enjoy discounted premiums and earn lucrative refunds. 

PITB Retro groups are administered by Approach Management Services, the industry leader in professional retro administration.

Our Company just received our first refund check as a member of the PITB Retro group and it was so great to see our partnership with Approach Management pay-off! We are committed to the safety of our employees and work diligently with our Approach Claims Manager to ensure we are doing everything possible to control cost.

Kam Sihota Owner Dedicated LLC a subsidiary of Kam-Way Transportation

Partnering with PITB and Approach has been a game-changer for our Company. Being a new owner of a delivery service provider serving Amazon’s logistical operations posed a steep learning curve navigating the state fund workers’ comp system. We have learned so much about the importance of strategies to control claims costs and are so thankful to our Approach team for all they do.

Jamil Turner Owner Sound Speed Logistics
Kam Sihota Owner Dedicated LLC a subsidiary of Kam-Way Transportation
Jamil Turner Owner Sound Speed Logistics