Today we want to talk about the safe use of compressed gas cylinders. Most of us know what the various compressed gas cylinders are used for on the job, but how many of us realize that the gases stored in those cylinders are under pressure of from 250 psi to 2200 psi? This makes the cylinders potentially an explosive or fire hazard if not handled and stored properly.


  1. Always store compressed gas cylinders in a secure upright position.
  2. Always store with caps over the valves.
  3. Never store two different types of gases closely together.
  4. Never tamper with any safety devices on the valve or cylinder.
  5. Always open valves slowly.
  6. Avoid storing cylinders in areas of high temperatures (shade works).
  7. Never use cylinders for rollers or sawhorses.
  8. Never attempt to repair valves or regulators.
  9. Separate full cylinders from empty ones.
  10. Do not try to transfer gases from one cylinder to another.
  11. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby when handling or working with compressed gas cylinders.
  12. When in use, keep cylinders secured to a cart designed for that use.
  13. Remove empty cylinders from the work area.
  14. Never expose gases to oil or grease.


The improper use of compressed gas cylinders is a common safety violation. Cylinders are generally safe if used and treated properly. To ensure that they don’t become a hazard, follow the basic rules above.

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