Service Spotlight: Crisis response

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Support after a workplace emergency

Approach clients partner with us every day to make their workplaces as safe as possible, yet we all have to prepare for the chance that a serious accident or incident could take place at any time. That’s why Approach offers a 24/7 crisis response service for its clients, included at no extra charge with your Retro participation.

6 services included with Approach crisis management
Download the Crisis Response Team infographic

The first 3 steps to take in case of a workplace emergency

All employees should be trained in the following procedures in the event of a serious accident or illness:

  • Employees trained in first aid attend to the employee
  • Call 911
  • Stop work and secure the scene (area where the accident occurred and/or where employee was found)

Note: Nothing should be moved or disturbed, except to prevent further injury or to give the injured employee medical treatment. If this is the case, be sure to document it.

These basic steps must happen right away. We want to help the injured co-worker, of course, and we also want to ensure that no one else is going to be injured as a result of the current situation.

What happens after a workplace emergency

Put simply, the follow-up to a serious accident or illness can be overwhelming for any organization. The main office needs to be notified, as do family members of the injured employee. Other employees, including yourself, may be upset or in need of support.

These are still the early stages and the situation can quickly snowball. L&I will probably need to be notified, first responders will be on the scene, L&I may also open an investigation, and family members of the injured co-worker will be arriving at the hospital, possibly from out-of-town. The news media may arrive to ask  questions, and on and on.

The follow-up to a serious accident or illness can be overwhelming for any organization. And, the situation can quickly snowball.

The Approach crisis response team will help your company cover all the bases after a serious accident or injury, while also supporting your injured co-worker and their loved ones. The service is available 24/7 by calling 206.812.3850.

Six-point crisis response service

When you call our crisis line, we’ll respond with support from our safety team, nurse case manager, and senior management at Approach. Our six-point response includes:

  1. Accident/incident response: 24 hours a day, you’ll receive an immediate call back to assess the situation and coordinate our response
  2. On-site safety presence and support: Whenever possible, Approach will participate in your internal accident investigation, along with the L&I inspection
  3. Nurse case management: Our on-staff, full-time Nurse Case Manager liaises with medical staff while also supporting family members of the injured employee.
  4. Claims management support: As with any workplace injury, your Approach Retro Coordinator is by your side throughout the claims process.
  5. Legal consultation: Serious incidents can lead to complex situations. We can help you assess if legal representation is necessary and recommend attorneys with specialized experience.
  6. Grief counselling: We can send experienced professionals to help you and your team after the loss or serious injury of a co-worker.

Together, these services allow us to help you manage the situation in a compassionate manner, while ensuring that you’re meeting your legal and regulatory requirements.

Recovering after workplace emergencies

Our crisis team sticks with you and your injured employee even after the initial response. Your injured employee may face a long road to recovery — our nurse case manager can assist with the transition from inpatient care to life at home or at a recovery facility. Our safety team will help you identify lessons from the accident investigation that can prevent future accidents, while also liaising with L&I on their investigation.

Again, this service is included with your Retro participation. Just call us at 206.812.3850, anytime, to activate the service if there’s been a serious accident or injury in your workplace or company vehicle.