Submit a Light Duty Job Offer as Soon as You Get an APF

On every workers’ comp claim where an employee is capable of working, but can’t return to their normal job immediately, you should be using the Stay At Work program. This is where you create a temporary job so that you can bring your injured employee back to light duty work.

If you do this, our Stay at Work specialist can help you get up to $13,900 per claim in rebates.

Approach has delivered $16 million in Stay At Work refunds to clients who bring their injured employees back to a light duty position.

For this blog post, we’re assuming you know what the Stay At Work program is. If you are unfamiliar or need a refresher, here’s our Guide to Light Duty and Return to Work.

Why Submit an Approved Light Duty Job Offer ASAP?

The day that the job description is sent to the doctor is the first day you’ll be eligible for Stay at Work rebates. That’s why Approach coordinates this to be done ASAP!

Our best practice also includes faxing a copy to the L&I claim manager (fax 360-902-4567) at the same time as the fax to the doctor, as this provides clear documentation in the L&I claim file to ensure we establish the first date of eligibility for Stay-At-Work rebates.

Benefits of Submitting Your Light Duty Job Early

Every day counts! – Claims costs add up quickly and can impact your company for years. Don’t wait even one day longer than necessary to bring your injured employee back to light duty work.

Stops time-loss or kept-on-salary – No one wants to pay an employee to sit off work. Light duty gets your employee back on the job and saves your company money.

Reduces claim costs – Many claims can be kept “medical only,” which helps to keep your future rates down.

Rebate eligibility – You can claim rebates for up to 66 days, but only from the day the job description is sent to the doctor. Don’t miss out on any potential days!

Keeps control of the claim – Time-loss can be stopped if an injured employee refuses a bonafide light-duty position.

How To Do This?

Here’s a quick overview of the process, but don’t worry! Your Approach Retro Coordinator will assist you with each step to ensure a successful outcome.

  1. Get the Activity Prescription Form (APF) from your injured employee as soon as they’ve seen the doctor for a workplace accident or industrial disease
  2. Immediately create a light duty job description that fits within the work restrictions on the APF. Clients of Approach have access to a library of light duty job descriptions inside the client portal.
  3. Immediately fax this job description to the doctor and the L&I claim manager.
  4. Facilitate return-to-work by offering the approved light-duty job to your injured employee in writing.
  5. So long as the provider approves the job, Stay-at-Work rebate eligibility will begin as of the date you submitted the job to the provider. You don’t need to wait to hear back from the doctor, but it is important to retain all documentation in case of questions later.