Get your My L&I account ready before the next claim

Things are inching back towards normal and the summer busy season is picking up for many employers. Now is the time to make sure you can access your L&I Claim and Account Center account, so you’re ready in case a workers’ comp claim is filed. Doing this now can save you time in a stressful situation. It can also save your company a lot of money!

What is the L&I Claim and Account Center?

The Claim and Account Center (CAC) is part of My L&I, the online system that allows you to manage L&I related business for your company.

CAC tracks all aspects of each claim, such as the Report of Accident, provider visits, calls to the L&I claim manager, and even the work that Approach does on your company’s behalf. It’s also a great way to submit wage information to ensure accuracy of payments made by the L&I claim manager. You can also use CAC to see your company’s account details, rates, and more.

If you like to keep a close eye on your claims, CAC is a powerful tool.

How do I access the L&I Claim and Account Center?

CAC is part of My L&I, so look for the Sign In to My L&I box at lni.wa.gov. You can also access it from the Secure Access Washington homepage, which is a portal for signing into multiple Washington state agencies.

Login screens for Washington L&I
They all look different, but each of these screens will give you access to the L&I Claim and Account Center

3 Things to check on My L&I

Whatever way you get to My L&I, here are the first three things to check on your next visit:

  1. Is your username and password correct?
  2. Do you have CAC access to your company’s records?
  3. Are you the CAC administrator for your company (or do you know who is)?

Checking things now will help you make sure everything is ready to go in case your company does have a claim.

One thing we often find is that the company administrator role is assigned to someone who no longer works at the company. You won’t be able to access CAC if someone already claimed the administrator role but no longer works at your company. You’ll need help from L&I to fix it and it can take some time to get everything updated. That’s why it’s always better to figure this out in advance than once a claim is filed.

If you’re the first person to access CAC for your company, you can set yourself up as the administrator (if you can certify that you’re allowed to represent your company). This will allow you to also create and manage accounts for any of your co-workers who need access.

What can I do in CAC?

A lot! CAC is like having websites for bill pay, messaging, calendars, and file keeping all in one. You can:

  • See your company’s L&I rates and make quarterly payments
  • Complete an electronic Report of Accident to speed up claim processing
  • Submit wage information to ensure you’re not paying any more than necessary
  • See the same claim data that your Approach retro coordinator sees
  • Correspond with the L&I Claim Manager

Following the claim in CAC will help ensure that you don’t miss any communications or deadlines, which is crucial for staying on top of the claim.

But, I don’t like computers!

If you’re a certified technophobe or just don’t want another login to remember, that’s OK! Your Approach Retro Coordinator will guide you through the claims process and keep on top of the deadlines for you.

And, even if you’re in CAC every day, Approach is still by your side. Talk with your retro coordinator to come up with a plan that works for you!