As an Approach client, you have a dedicated retro coordinator who is your go-to expert to navigate the claims process from start to finish.

Our innovative claims management program and risk management strategy has been developed over more than 25 years — and we’re constantly adapting to the latest industry changes and incentives available to our clients.


Our proven strategy


Our popular educational courses take the mystery out of workers’ comp. They are complimentary and available in-person or online.


A commitment to safety is the best way to prevent claims. Our safety experts will visit your location to help design a top-shelf safety program that fits your company. Plus, annual visits are free of charge.


Clients receive detailed monthly claim-based analytics. These reports can be customized to meet your organization’s needs and can include cost assessments as well as accident and injury trend information.

Proactive claims management

Personal service

No call centers. No bouncing around. Your personal retro coordinator is with you throughout each claim, advocating for your business.

Early intervention

Report claims to us anytime. 24/7 emergency response is included. We proactively manage each claim to resolution with your bottom line in mind.


We’ll help your injured employee get back on the job as quickly as possible. It’s the best way to help their recovery and you’ll receive financial incentives while they are on light-duty.

Claims team

Our personalized service operates in a collaborative environment and you can be assured that on the most challenging claims, there is more than one set of eyes looking at your claim to ensure we are optimizing your experience and claim outcome.

Service starts with your retro coordinator, backed by a team of workers’ comp professionals and specialists.

Retro Coordinator

We recruit talented claims professionals who bring a wealth of experience and deliver the highest quality customer service and claims management.

Director of Claims Operations

Each retro team is lead by a seasoned veteran who provides oversight and guides the activities of the retro coordinators.

Cross-team collaboration

Led by our Director of Claims Operations and Sr. Claims Advisor, Retro Coordinators are in constant collaboration to ensure best practices and that program and policy changes are shared with the claims team.

On-staff experts

As an Approach client, you have access to our full-time, on-staff experts. Utilize the strength of our team to help you get the best possible outcome while ensuring that important steps aren’t missed along the way.

Nurse case manager

Our full-time, on-site registered nurse can help put medical reports in layman’s terms, review disability ratings and assist with return-to-work.

Our nurse is also available to attend to in-person needs with your injured employee and their family in the event of a serious injury or life-threatening emergency.

Stay-at-Work specialist

L&I’s Stay-At-Work program reimburses you for costs when providing light-duty jobs for injured employees. That’s why Approach has a full-time Stay-at-Work Specialist, dedicated to helping you secure payment.

Ergonomic consultations

The Approach ergonomist can visit your location to advise on workstation setup, provide in-depth training, or to train your staff in the basics of ergonomics.

Good ergonomics can help keep your staff healthy and on-the-job, while reducing the chance of claims being filed.

Vocational services

The costliest claims are often those that go to vocational retraining. Because it is such an important element for clients to have access to, we have a full-time vocational specialist to offer complimentary assistance.