Service Spotlight: Safety visits

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Free workplace safety visits

One of the most valuable services offered by Approach is the opportunity to have a visit from a member of our safety team. We come directly to your office or job site, conduct a review, and provide follow-up materials to help with safety and compliance. This service – worth $1,000 from an independent provider – is free for Approach clients.

Schedule your safety visit now!

Each member of the Approach safety team is an expert in Washington workplace safety, with specialities in construction, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, and general industry. Most importantly, we’re on your side — helping you to put your best practices in place before an inspection from the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH).

New COVID-19 requirements

The Approach Brain Trust webinar series has highlighted important facts about safety inspections and COVID-19.

First, employers must implement the recommendations in DOSH Directive 1.70 as well as industry-specific COVID-19 guidance.

Construction firms: You must follow the 30-point plan for restarting work! DOSH inspectors are stopping at any and all construction sites to ensure this plan is being followed.

Second, workplace safety inspections are continuing in Washington state even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers can be cited and fined if they are found not to be communicating with employees and taking measures to keep them safe from COVID-19.

Therefore, although you aren’t required to have formal COVID-19 policies in place, you must have clear signage and work practices to demonstrate your efforts to keep employees safe and limit transmission of the virus. See our Toolbox Talks for help with these practices and procedures.

How can a safety visit help your Washington state company?

The main benefit to an Approach safety visit at your office or worksite is that it’s proactive, not reactive – we offer a no-cost opportunity to get improve your safety practices before an accident or citation.

If you request a Job Hazard Analysis for your safety visit, we can be a second pair of eyes on your workplace and practices, helping to identify new opportunities.

We also bring industry-specific resources, including templates you need for accident prevention and response plans. We also have DOT regulation compliance contacts for the transportation industry.

Request your safety visit today

The last thing any company needs right now is additional costs or headaches. Let Approach help ensure that your work practices are safe and compliant.

Use our Safety Visit Request Form to schedule a visit at your office or jobsite. Or, contact us at 800.626.0846 or safetyvisit@approachms.com. Even if the current pandemic keeps us from visiting in-person, we can discuss your needs by phone and offer templates by email.

Don’t wait, schedule your safety visit today! Or, download our Safety Visit Flyer to share with your manager or ownership.