Do you keep a safety bulletin board?


The Washington Administrative Code requires every fixed workplace (establishment) that has eight or more employees to install and maintain a safety bulletin board.


Post information which can include the following:

  • Safety bulletins
  • Safety newsletters
  • Safety posters
  • Accident statistics (OSHA 300A from February 1st to April 30th)
  • Other safety educational material

Note: You may want to post your emergency phone numbers on the safety bulletin board.


It’s recommended to post notes from your last safety meeting (i.e. safety meeting minutes) to the safety bulletin board. Approach sends safety meeting topics called Toolbox Talks to clients weekly.


Remember to retain safety meeting minutes for one year per the WAC rule.


As a client of Approach, you have access to our on-staff safety experts who assist with L&I compliance, state-required documentation, bilingual education, and most importantly, preventing workplace accidents. Contact safetyvisit@approachms.com to schedule your complimentary safety visit.