Retrospective Rating Program




What is the Retrospective Rating Program?

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) began the Retrospective Rating Program (RETRO) as a financial incentive program to assist Washington employers with reducing the cost of industrial insurance premiums. Enrollment in a retro group requires active participation on behalf of the employer in order to control costs. By keeping claim costs to a minimum, companies have the potential for a premium refund.

Refunds are awarded to companies that increase safety awareness, reduce workplace accidents and get more involved in minimizing the costs of claims that do occur. It also gives an employer the opportunity to pool the risk involved with workers' compensation in a group of like-minded, safety-conscious companies in similar industries.

Why join our retro group?

PITB helps over 350 companies in Washington reduce experience factors so they pay less workers' compensation premium to the L&I up front. The retro groups we administer have helped refund well over $110,000,000.00 industrial insurance premium. Our retro groups consistently out-perform their competition for services and premium refunds and provide Washington employers with a variety of resources to lower premium payments up front. In addition, members of our retro groups will:

  • Pay lower workers' compensation premium to L&I with reduced experience factors, fewer workplace injuries, and expert claim management.

  • Get maximum premium refunds from L&I because you belong to a retro program that is ranked consistently at the top of your industry.

  • Take advantage of over 100 training courses in all areas of safety, claims and HR management as proactive measures to reduce workplace accidents.

  • Receive business support anytime and anywhere to address the growing needs of your workplace.

Reduce premium payments
For more than 18 years, PITB and Approach Management Services (AMS) has helped companies lower their experience factors by establishing a safer workplace and by managing claims with comprehensive, proactive and innovative services. By joining a Retro group administered by PITB, your company will receive customized support, training and resources to help reduce the cost of workers' compensation.

PITB believes that the long-term success of our Retro Groups depends, in part, on the strength and quality of relationships with our clients and partners. Our goal is to provide the best customer service in the risk management industry in order to maintain excellent refunds.