Retrospective Rating Program | Oregon and Washington | RETRO

Retrospective Rating Program (RETRO) is a financial incentive program to assist Washington employers with reducing the cost of industrial insurance premiums

PITB celebrating over 25 years of RETRO Excellence 

PITB Sponsors 3 Retrospective Rating (RETRO) Groups for companies in the State of Washington:

Transportation, Manufacturing and Food Processing. 

The Retrospective Rating Program (RETRO) is a safety incentive program offered by Labor & Industries. The goal of the PITB program is to help companies manage and lower their workers’ compensation claims thus reducing the amount you pay to the State of Washington.

PITB has helped over 350 companies in Washington reduce their experience factor so they pay less workers’ compensation premium to L & I upfront.  PITB has refunded well over $113,000,000.00 in industrial insurance premium to our members.  The PITB groups consistently out-perform the competition for services and premium refunds.

Members of our RETRO Groups will

  • Pay lower worker’s compensation premium to l & I with reduced experience factors, fewer workplace injuries, and expert claims management.
  • Get maximum premium refunds from L & I because you belong to a retro program that is ranked consistency at the top of your industry.
  • Take advantage of over 100 training courses in all areas of safety, claims and HR Management as proactive measures to reduce workplace accidents.

PITB partners with Approach Management Services Full-service, risk-management Company offering third-party administration on workers' compensation claims for Washington employers. In addition, Penser North America offering lowering clients' costs of risk through flexible, tailored, high-quality risk management programs. 


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