5 Ways to keep claims on track in 2021

Today is the Freeze Date for several Retro groups managed by Approach. We’ve updated you on preparing for freeze, but the best-performing companies are focused on safety and claims management all year long.

The claims process works best when everyone — leadership, HR, employees, and medical providers — are on the same page. With the Top 5 Ways to Keep Claims On-Track in this post, you can reduce your accident rate, help injured employees recover more quickly, and maximize the benefits of retro participation.

Washington workers’ comp before the claim

Educate yourself

Workers’ comp covers a whole world of safety and claims concepts. Approach offers two online training programs, so you don’t have to wait until you’re in the midst of a claim to start learning how it all works.

Claims 101

Exclusively for Approach clients, Claims 101™ is our highly-rated training program that explains the basics of workers’ comp in Washington state. It’s all online, takes just a few hours, and is designed for HR professionals, business owners, and safety professionals.

Claims 201

Now in its third year, Claims 201™ takes the next step for those who want their workers’ comp rates to be as low as possible. Take a deeper dive into the strategies and programs that can get claims to closure — perfect for the hands-on professional who wants to know more about retro and rates.

Register to attend Claims 101™ or Claims 201™ online

Educate your employees

Injured employees quickly find themselves in an unfamiliar world. Not only are they facing recovery, but they may be uncomfortable and worried. Walking employees through the process during a staff meeting or orientation can help them know what to expect if a claim is filed.

Approach Client Portal – Updated for 2021

Get a sample Injured Worker Packet and more

It’s easier than ever to find the documents you need in our newly-updated Client Portal!

Claims process infographic

This infographic outlines the claim process in Washington state, focusing on the importance of returning to work as soon as possible.

Download our claims process infographic

Providing this information up-front can prevent frustration and mistrust, helping to speed up recovery and claim closure.

Washington workers’ comp after the claim filing

Bring your injured employee back to work

The Stay-At-Work Program offers nearly $14,000 in possible reimbursements towards bringing your injured employee back on the job in a light-duty position.

Approach helps its clients develop light-duty jobs and then file for reimbursements. Let us know as soon as there’s an accident or claim filing!


Stay in touch

Whether the employee is at home or back at work, it’s important to always demonstrate concern for your injured employees’ treatment and recovery. Once communication stops, it can be hard to get the claim back on track.

“A great way to keep the lines of communication open is to check with your injured employee and make sure they are attending their doctor’s appointments,” says Jamie Graham, VP Claims at Approach. She continues, “Be sure to follow-up after the appointment to get a copy of the APF, so you’ll know if there’s been a change in their allowed work duties.”

A great way to stay in touch is to make sure your injured employee attends their doctor’s appointments

Perform a post-accident investigation

Investigating the root cause of accidents and near-misses is a critical step to preventing future mishaps. Remember:

  • You must inform DOSH within 8 hours in the event of a death or inpatient hospitalization
  • Don’t move any equipment until the investigation is complete (except to prevent additional injury)

DOSH will formally investigate serious incidents. Your safety team can investigate minor accidents and the Approach Safety Team is available to assist.Brain icon with "Brain Trust"

Watch our Accident Prevention Webinar, including tips for investigating accidents and near misses

Our goal at Approach is to move claims to closure as quickly as possible through an early and safe return to work for the injured worker. Keep these five tips in mind during your next workers’ comp claims process so we can all work together for the best possible outcome.