Announcing the 2019 Retro refund calculations!

The 2015, 2016, and 2017 plan year retro refunds were announced on April 26, 2019 for July enrollment groups. This includes Approach clients in MBA GRIP, PITB Transportation, SMART A Team, and SMART Dream Team. The department of Labor & Industries’ retro department announced that the majority of retro groups performed well, and that is good news for everyone participating in retro. Approach Management Services continues to achieve consistent results across the different industries we serve. We are very proud of our clients who work hard to make sure their employees go home safe every day and continue to proactively manage claims. We look forward to another great year!

Note: The SMART Advantage, PITB Elite and PITB Platinum groups have a different enrollment period and receive their refunds in January of every year.

When will we get our Retro refund?

Now that L&I has announced the total refund for each group, it’s time for your sponsoring association to calculate each employer’s share of the refund. This takes a few weeks to do the math and audit the results, so here’s when you can expect to see a check:


Members of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties will distribute refund checks at their member appreciation BBQ on June 28th in Bellevue. Any unclaimed checks will be mailed afterward.



The PITB transportation group will mail its checks to members in late June 2019.



A Team participants are invited to the Museum of Flight on Thursday, June 20 for the A Team Annual Meeting, featuring SMART safety awards and a celebratory lunch. Refund checks will be available at this event, with any unclaimed checks mailed afterward.

Dream Team will hold its annual meeting and awards on Thursday, June 6 at the Museum of Flight. Join us to honor your industry colleagues and enjoy a celebratory lunch. Refund checks will be available at this event, with any unclaimed checks mailed afterward.



Lowering the cost of Washington worker’s comp!

Do you know a safety-focused company not in Retro? Enrollment is currently open to June 15, 2019 for any companies wishing to join retro. We’d love your referral! We represent more than 2,200 Washington employers, helping them to earn more than $600 million in refunds since 1992. Best of all – our services are included with the Association Retro membership.
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