Training On Demand from PITB

PITB offers Training on Demand, including video on demand and interactive courses.




All PITB video on demand users enjoy:

  • Access to JJ Keller’s library of over 100 full-length, video-based training programs.

  • Content includes: Instructor Guides and Quizzes and (when applicable) PowerPoints, Image libraries, Classroom Handouts, additional Quizzes, and more!

  • Up-to-date library: The Video on Demand library is always up to date with new and updated material.

  • Free access to our Training Recordkeeping tools: Create and manage your own custom training sessions, Add/edit student information, schedule & record a training session and report on training activity. The recordkeeping tool can also combine your Interactive Course records (if you are using our Interactive Courses) and your classroom-based training activity.

There are 2 different ways to use Video on demand:

  • Pay per view (PPV)

  • Pay for what you need, only when you need it.

  • You get a three day rental period for each PPV title you purchase. Access will expire at midnight on the 4th day (minimum of 72 hours access). Watch it as many times as you like!

  • Video subscription service (VSS)

  • Unlimited access to our entire video library. Choose from a one- or two-year subscription, or buy multiple subscriptions and save!

  • Remote Viewing capability: Enables you to provide video access to your off-site learners.


  • Student can take at their own pace anywhere they have access to a computer with internet.

  • Comprehensive course material uses video, diagrams, digital scenarios and more with a high degree of interaction required throughout from the student.

  • Ability to enroll students into several courses at once. Customizable Curriculum Groups makes it easy for you to group courses together ahead of time so you don't have keep finding the same courses over and over.

  • Customizable Student Groups: Helps you identify those students needing similar training (i.e. Forklift Operators) and then easily enroll them without having to find each student.

For information about the Training Points System please visit
the Training On Demand website: jjkellertraining.com/PITB