LTL Rating Technology & Tariff Services for Transportation Management | Portland OR | PITB


PITB sells and supports all SMC³ products and provide the following services:

  • Publication of private tariff rules, pricing schedules and rates
  • Creation of private electronic rating software
  • Individual rate analysis

SMC³ products which interface with your TMS:


The most widely used LTL base rate in North America and industry benchmark for thousands of LTL contracts which accounts for billions of dollars in managed transportation each year.



Access over 4000 tariffs including CzarLite® base rates.. This software supports LTL, TL and small package rates, as well as class and density pricing, with industry-leading speeds.



Compiles and continually updates transit times and service detail from more than 200 leading national, super-regional and regional carriers across North America.



Digital counterpart to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) book.



Simplifies the process by automating, facilitating and managing the collaborative bid process between LTL shippers and carriers.



Rating tool allowing carrier’s website to provide rate quotes to shippers.



Rapid rating tool that empowers you to conduct rate analyses against multiple tariffs (including density-based rates), run “what if” scenarios against multiple tariffs, and rerate against multiple tariffs using historical data.


For more information, please contact:
Lars Kasch, VP Technology & Tariffs
503-766-6083 office
503-490-8141 cell