Retro Member Education & Workshops



Approach Management Services

PITB uses the services of Approach Management Services (AMS) a full service, Risk Management Company. AMS provides the following services which are instrumental in reducing workers’ compensation costs to our RETRO participants.

Claims Management

AMS Claims Management Services can be tailored to suit your individual needs. They will assist you in developing and implementing internal claims management systems, manage problem workers’ compensation claims and identify resources available to keep injured employees working and industrial insurance costs low.

Nurse Case Management

AMS has a registered nurse that can assist with many aspects of claims management. This provides numerous benefits that extend from office to the field and include improved interpretation of medical reports, expert review of permanent partial disability ratings and effective management of case expectations. On a case-by-case basis, their registered nurse also meets with employees, employers and medical providers to assist with task assignments facilitating return-to-work and recovery. They can provided immediate consultation and assist in the event of a serious injury or life threatening emergency.

Stay at Work Program

AMS has a full time administrator that will assist members in collecting and submitting documentation necessary for reimbursement of wages and expenses under the L&I’s new Stay at Work Program. This allows employers to be reimbursed for 50% of an employee’s base wage (up to 66 days or $10,000.00) when they are returned to light or modified duty under an L & I claim.

Return to work programs

AMS’ experienced staff develops customized plans geared toward meeting specific needs of the employer and injured worker. This minimizes time off work and maximizes our members’ productivity.

Vocational Services

Vocational Services offered by AMS focus on early return-to-work programs and processes. Their in-house vocational rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) supports their claims managers with modified duty job descriptions, job analyses, job offers, collaboration with outside vocational counselors and case consultations. They also offer a comprehensive Ergonomic Service that includes a worksite assessment and job modification by a certified ergonomist.


Ergonomic assessment services are offered to our RETRO Members to assist with the prevention and management of over-use type injuries. Train-the-trainer courses are also available and can be provided on-site.

Bilingual Services and Training

AMS has bilingual claims managers that help support their claims staff in multiple ways, including assisting with job offer letters, reviewing claim files and more. They can provide Spanish documents for job offer letters, medical releases, employee accident reports and return to work.