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PITB partners with JJ Keller & Sallak Truck Safety offering our members access to numerous online training courses, and transportation forms, along with Safety Consulting and Training Services


Membership provides you with access to the PITB Workers' Compensation retro groups as well as a variety of programs and services designed for managing all types of risk in your organization. Here's just a sample:


Our partner Approach Management Services has a safety team that works with clients in a variety of capacities and industries. 

Approach assists with guiding the development and implementation of accident prevention programs, analyzing and controlling work-place hazards, consulting on citation issues, identifying resources and providing safety training.

 Below are safety services included in retro membership:

- Comprehensive Safety review of facility and Accident Prevention Program
- Job Hazard Analysis to help reduce accidents and injuries
- Industry specific hazard assessments by a safety professional at all facility/ job-site locations
- Provide documents to help develop an accident prevention plan including required     Statecompliance
- DOT regulation compliance assistance
- Behavior-based safety culture presentations
- Safety committee meeting presentations
- Provide documents to help develop an accident prevention plan including required State compliance
- Provide documents to help develop an accident response plan including emergency procedures, claim reporting procedures, importance of documentation
- DOSH compliance regulation assistance
- Post-Accident Investigation
- Nurse health & wellness services including health fairs, blood pressure checks & urgent care resources

Remember, as a member of an Approach-managed retro group, you receive an annual complimentary safety visit!
Schedule your visit  HERE.   


We have partnered with  John Sallak from Sallak Truck Safety who has over 34 year experience in providing safety consulting and training services. John Sallak offers the following services: 

- Driver Trainings, both in-person and web-based
- Sample audits- find out how you would fare in audit
- Audit Preparation for an upcoming DOT visit
- Safety Programs planning and implementation
- Expert witness testimony in legal proceedings

As a member of PITB, you will receive annually, a complimentary eight hour session with John Sallak.
Contact: (503) 803-9805 or sallak0998@comcast.net.

We met with John Sallak last week, and the visit was extremely valuable! He is a true professional, with a broad range of knowledge, and can communicate it in a very educational manner… John has a great approach to transferring his knowledge, and not only answering the question asked, but also expanding on the explanation. He is a great addition to the PITB team.
— Stacey Jacques, HR Director, Corwin Beverage Co.


Approach Claims Management Services can be tailored to suit your individual needs. They will assist you in developing and implementing internal claims management systems, manage problem workers’ compensation claims and identify resources available to keep injured employees working and industrial insurance costs low.


Join the monthly Approach Brain Trust sessions for an educational session and an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas for solving problem claims. Retro members share ideas and resources geared toward aggressive claim management. Solutions formed here have proven to be invaluable to many members with difficult situations to manage. Sessions often include guest speakers presenting on specific topics such as human resources, safety training, and legal best practices. Register by calling Approach at 206-626-0846.


Through newsletters distributed via e-mail, we keep you informed on upcoming training, legislative topics and risk management solutions. Safety tips, events, member accomplishments and awards are regular features. 


Through the SMART Education Center, several classes are held each month on a variety of topics including safety related training, leadership and motivation courses, and management education. Reduced registration fees are available to association members. Remember all injured workers attend classes FREE of charge! SMART has recently added online training with over one hundred courses to choose from. Visit the SMART website at www.smartwa.org for a complete list. 


Through the addition of our bilingual personnel, our clients receive the necessary resources to attract, train, communicate and improve business relations with a diverse work force. 


Knowing the importance of hiring honest and capable personnel for your company, our alliance with DataQuest offers both an a la carte as well as packaged services for a variety of employee screening services. DataQuest, a locally owned and operated company has been providing services for over 25 years. You can obtain criminal histories, driving records, professional license verifications, criminal and sex offender status and court records. No contracts or minimums necessary. Give Shannon Luby a call at 888-433-0135 ext. 1200. You can also visit www.dataquestllc.com. Be sure to mention you are a member!


Every second Wednesday of the month, a presentation is held at the Aerospace Machinists Lodge in Seattle from 9am - Noon. These educational sessions have included topics such as environmental health and safety issues, effective communication between generals and subs, and the economics of safety. Companies are encouraged to bring as many co-workers as you like. The training is FREE and no advanced registration required. View the SMART website for upcoming session information at www.smartwa.org.


Approach Claims Management Services can be tailored to suit your individual needs. They will assist you in developing and implementing internal claims management systems, manage problem workers’ compensation claims and identify resources available to keep injured employees working and industrial insurance costs low.


Approach has a registered nurse that can assist with many aspects of claims management. This provides numerous benefits that extend from office to the field and include improved interpretation of medical reports, expert review of permanent partial disability ratings and effective management of case expectations. On a case-by-case basis, their registered nurse also meets with employees, employers and medical providers to assist with task assignments facilitating return-to-work and recovery. They can provide immediate consultation and assist in the event of a serious injury or life threatening emergency.


Approach has a full-time administrator that will assist members in collecting and submitting documentation necessary for reimbursement of wages and expenses under the L&I’s new Stay at Work Program. This allows employers to be reimbursed for 50% of an employee’s base wage (up to 66 days or $10,000.00) when they are returned to light or modified duty under an L & I claim.


Approach’ experienced staff develops customized plans geared toward meeting specific needs of the employer and injured worker. This minimizes time off work and maximizes our members’ productivity.


Vocational Services offered by Approach focus on early return-to-work programs and processes. Their in-house vocational rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) supports their claims managers with modified duty job descriptions, job analyses, job offers, collaboration with outside vocational counselors and case consultations. They also offer a comprehensive Ergonomic Service that includes a worksite assessment and job modification by a certified ergonomist.


Ergonomic assessment services are offered to our RETRO Members to assist with the prevention and management of over-use type injuries. Train-the-trainer courses are also available and can be provided on-site.


Approach has bilingual claims managers that help support their claims staff in multiple ways, including assisting with job offer letters, reviewing claim files and more. They can provide Spanish documents for job offer letters, medical releases, employee accident reports and return to work.


For more information on Education and Workshops, please visit
Approach Management Services’ web site: approachms.com