Group RETRO..


For information about our Group RETRO program, please contact:



Scott Edwards

Cindy Kropp


800 547 8023


What is PITB's Mission?

To provide outstanding safety and claims management services to our participants.


  • A management commitment from all participants is essential to the group's success.
  • Support of employee recovery programs.
  • Support of early return to work programs.
  • Support kept on salary (KOS) programs.
  • Be aggressive in supporting our industry.
  • Work to make positive change.
  • Share valuable industry information.
  • Continue to build on integrity and honesty.

What makes PITB Group RETRO the best?
It's the right group of carriers doing the right things to keep their claim costs down.

As a Group RETRO Participant, you'll receive:

Claims Management - proactively returning injured workers to their jobs.

Return to Work - getting employees back to work is where we can help you the most.

Safety Training - available for safety training and individual risk management issues.

Vocational Consultation - working full-time on staff.

Support - tailored to your needs.

Testimonials from our carriers.